Creating Opportunity & Lowering Costs


America’s economy needs to work for the middle class. The American Dream rests on the promise that every child, regardless of the zip code where they were born, can get a first-rate education and prosper in a career of their choice. That’s why I’ve been focused on improving our public schools, making higher education more affordable by increasing Pell Grants, and reducing the student debt burden on graduates who dedicated their careers to serving others. I’ve been a strong advocate for our local manufacturing industry, and I’ve delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in direct job-creating investments to Rhode Island communities.

While big corporations post record profits, many Rhode Islanders still struggle to make ends meet and worry about their children’s opportunities. I’m fighting to restore fairness to the tax code, protect unions, bring homeownership within reach, and make sure women are paid fairly. When Big Oil’s price gouging started getting out of control, I wrote a bill to claw back excess fossil fuel profits for consumers.