Fixing Our Immigration System & Ensuring Justice


Each wave of hardworking immigrants who settled in Rhode Island since Roger Williams has made our communities stronger and more prosperous. We need comprehensive immigration reform that brings undocumented workers out of the shadows so they can become law-abiding, tax-paying residents; strengthens border security in a way that is reasonable and humane; and allows businesses to grow and create jobs. We need to give Dreamers, who entered this country as children the stability to continue to thrive here. I helped craft the bipartisan immigration reform that the Senate passed in 2013, which Republican leadership in the House refused to consider. Congress needs to get back to work finding a bipartisan path forward.

It is long past time for Congress to enact common sense gun safety measures like universal background checks and renewing a ban on military-style assault weapons. I’m going to keep fighting for those changes until we’ve eliminated the scourge of senseless gun violence in America. I’ve also been working with colleagues across the aisle to pass much-needed reforms to our criminal justice system.