Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Sheldon playing Scrabble

Protecting Social Security and Medicare is so important to me that I co-founded a Senate caucus solely focused on defending Social Security – and now we’re working to expand benefits. I’ve introduced legislation to protect the solvency of Social Security and Medicare as far as the eye can see, simply by making the nation’s highest earners contribute their fair share.

Republicans have put Social Security and Medicare in their crosshairs for years. Let me be clear: I will fight with every available tool any attempt to roll back, slim down, or push further out of reach the Social Security and Medicare benefits that seniors have earned and paid for over a lifetime of hard work. I know how much Rhode Island seniors and their loved ones rely on these programs for their financial security. I am determined to remove any doubt in Rhode Islanders’ hearts about the security of these programs, so they can check that worry off their family’s list of concerns.